What is Food bending?


OUR HUMAN THIRST for knowledge peaks backwards in time to the very early roots of our culture & selves.  The emerging picture is that cooking and dining together is the missing link for which we have been searching. 

Taking together, the very act of taming flame and externalizing our metabolic fire bent our evolution toward shared cooking experiences, which then shaped our bodies into the lean, upright, human creatures that we are today! We have been cooking and eating together for almost 2 MILLION YEARS!

FOOD BENDING refers to the magical way in which food literally shapes us: our genetic expression, our society, our culture, our individual body, and our personality, our emotional landscapes, & our ability to expand our minds to be even clearer about our calling.

As a self-proclaimed Food Bender, Chef Zachary Mazi takes these considerations seriously. He applies this deep understanding of the power of food to each and every client for whom he is in service.

Referencing the popular AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER animated series, wherein the self-disciplined characters are able to magically influence one of the four earth elements by harnessing their own and the Earth's energy flow.  Whereas Chef Zachary was raised within the element of food, this is his particular bent.

Imagine this bending as light is bent by gravity around a star. The act of bending is a harnessing and utilization of the unseen energy that PERMEATES AND IS all matter in our universe.

Since WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, we can bend ourselves by bending our food.

The Food Bender


The Food Bender is the intersection of a heart of service and quiet mastery: Let me show you what the food at your retreat can elevate toward.  As entrepreneurs & change-makers you know your gifts cannot be left unseen.

Sharing meals & being fully nourished through the expansive cycles at any retreat is vitally important.

I know you have so much on your proverbial plate already! I provide you comfort, knowing that everything your clients need from the kitchen is fully materialized, so you can focus on bringing your gifts to them, while being met with exquisite nourishment from start to finish.

LEAVE THE KITCHEN MAGIC TO ME, as you share your gifts with your people. I hold space for growth in all arenas: individual dietary concerns are well taken care of; optional community cooking nights bring your participants closer to each other; curated private instruction boosts confidence not just in the kitchen, but in life at large.  Your clients will leave with tips, recipes and ecstatic memories of your retreat that last long after the week has passed.

THE FOOD BENDER is the solution you have been looking for: I seamlessly meld with your group, and imbue harmony from the heart & hearth throughout the retreat, taking care of all your people individually, so they relax into their nourishment. My attention to detail provides inspiration space, aiding their transformation and their digestion of the powerful works that they have come to receive from you.


Chef Zachary Mazi


Chef Zachary Mazi has been cooking for friends since he was a kid, and has been wearing his chef coat & apron proudly since 2005.

Graduating magna cum laude from Le Cordon Bleu in 2006, he has worked in nearly every style of food service from fine-dining to festivals, as well operating a restaurant & piloting multiple catering businesses.

Throughout these years, Zachary has traveled and digested a wide range of food knowledge: science, lore, foraging, plant medicines & a growing list of global cuisines.

Zachary grew up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by farms & foods, where he cut his culinary teeth under the auspices of Portland's unparalleled food scene. His last 6 years have been working as budding restauranteur & wild-crafted chef (mycophagist) in Santa Cruz, CA, where he was recognized as Santa Cruz's Best Personal Chef in 2014, and his restaurant Ulterior received Best New Restaurant in 2017 in the Santa Cruz GoodTimes Best Of Awards.

Zachary currently lives in West Linn, Oregon, toward the Mt. Hood wilderness just outside of Portland.