Word of mouth

My clients are deeply sensitive, passionate change-makers that crave full-spectrum nourishment from the center of their hearts out to their radiant energy field. Food should deepen your connection to Earth, as well as to the communities YOU are actively creating.
Do you crave energetic & holistic nourishment, community building, and laughter?

That is what THE FOOD BENDER does!

"Exquisite flavors, attention to detail, and remarkable professionalism. Zachary Mazi has been the most seamless, easy to work with, and deeply invested chef that I've experienced. Period. He truly cares about the quality of food, the presentation, and each individual's nourishment. His genuine nature, fun sense of humor, and passionate palette create an atmosphere of ease, grace, and abundance. Each one of my staff & students have commented on how much his meals have contributed to their overall retreat experience. Now when they see his name on the promotional material, they make sure to register because they know they are in for a treat!"
Carrie Renee, LMT, Solsara Facilitator, Advanced Hakomi Retreat Host
“As a retreat facilitator, the whole experience has to be taken into consideration. Chef Zach is not just someone who provides good meals for my retreats, his work, food, and energy in the kitchen are PART of the retreat. Chef Zach creates a home for the community we are creating with every meal. The food speaks to the work we do on retreats and nurtures & nourishes as people dive in. From the quality of ingredients, to the progression of each meal, to the flavors, and the rich food and cultural history he shares... I can’t imagine doing this work without Chef Zach."
Andrea Leda
Master Life Coach and Spiritual Leader:  www.andrealeda.com 
Jenna Weitzman.jpg

“I have food allergies and I have never felt like that has been a limitation when enjoying Chef Mazi’s edible art. He has taken such care to make sure that I could not only eat everything, but to deeply enjoy it. It's hard to believe that his dishes even qualify for my restricted diet, I would never consider anything missing from his exquisite work.”

Jenna Weitzman
MPT, Owner
Alliance Physical Therapy

Riley Temple.jpg

“A chance to share a table with Zachary and his preparations is an opportunity never to be passed up. Both food and presence is so intentional, every meal is an experience. Zachary is an not only a food wizard, but and incredible human being as well, whose WHY is the essence of his culinary magic.”

Riley Temple, Start-up Consultant. Speaker.
Adventure Capitalist.

Samantha Ibarguen.jpg

“I never ate a meal that Zachary cooked without feeling his heart radiating from every bite. Not only is each ingredient carefully chosen, but the dish is usually accompanied by a story describing how it came to be. His food is inspired by his worldly curiosity, and makes me want to buy a plane ticket... to everywhere.”

Samantha Ibarguen
Entrepreneurial Coach
Integrated Wellness