Mezcals, Museums & Munchies

Join Chef Zachary Mazi of The Food Bender and Kim Hunter of Women Catalysts and WinMoreNow Adventures for a whirlwind tour of some of the best flavors and sites in all of Mexico City!

February 7th-12th, 2019 in Mexico City, DF, Mexico



It could be said that the essence of any culture is in how it expresses connection to the spirit of the land. France would be diminished in the absence of its wine, so so would Mexico be so much less without its rich history of the fermented and distilled Agave cactus, Mezcal. Many people confuse tequila with mezcal, and for a quick clarity, tequila is A mezcal (mezcal is not a tequila). Mezcal has been distilled longer than any other liquor on the planet, with 3500 year old clay stills found recently. Brews from over 47 recorded species of Agave has been used to make these Spirits, and they are the essence of the land itself, a terroir, showing off the cultures, methods, hands, water, weather and traditions of the village in which it is produced.

We will have a very special guide to teach us about the essence of this truly Mexican beverage, Erick Rodriguez of Mezcal Tradicional Almamezcalera in Mexico City. Erick works not only with 23 different communities in 10 states in Mexico, but also works tirelessly to preserve the unique history and traditions of this beverage that is quickly catching on worldwide. The above picture is what Erick helped us taste the last time we visited with him. You have an opportunity to take home a bottle or 10 that in the states could cost as much $600.00 at prices I will not advertise here, out of respect for Erick… All participants agreed that this part of the last tour was an incredible experience, and you will too!

Once we experience Mezcal with Erick, we will explore various mezcals that the innumerable bars have on offer, and try to grasp some of the fundamentals of this incredibly complex liquid!



Mexico City is host to over 150 museums of just about everything that may pique your curiosity: from Mezcal museums to the Museums fo Fine Art to Architecture, Anthropology, History, Natural History, and on and on! This part of our tour will have some flexibility depending on the final make up of our attendees. The above image is from the outer gardens of the Museum of Anthropology, a replica of Mayan Architecture from the Yucatan peninsula.



The food is Mexico City is some of the best in the world. And while two of the top 15 restaurants in the world are located in Mexico City, it is a standard experience that the food is fantastic everywhere. There is so much to explore! From re-envisioning street tacos to modernist cuisine, from malaysian street food to mexican sushi, this city is endless in it tastes and aromas. Included in this tour are 5 dinners at some of the restaurants that have me falling in love with this city at every bite!

To summarize, For 6 days and 5 nights in the center of Mexico City’s thriving heart Condesa/Roma in a comfortable a chic AirBnB, Über around the city, a cooking class, exclusive mezcal tastings, 5 epic dinners with chefs and restauranteurs, and a host of activities from museums to boat tours of the ancient canals of Xochimilco, the experiences for this tour are priceless!

COST = $1497.00*

airfare and travel insurance not included**


*To secure your place on this trip,
a $500 (non-refundable) deposit is required to be paid immediately.

**PLEASE book your own TRAVEL INSURANCE for this trip. While it is unlikely that anything will happen, this is required for all travelers. (Last year when I was meant to fly to Mexico City, the earthquake hit the day before, and I was very thankful that I had insurance!)

The first day and last days we have accommodation in Mexico City are Thursday, February 7th and Tuesday February 12th. If you find a way to come earlier and or stay later, of course you are welcome to do so! You cannot exhaust your time in Mexico City. Finding flights is not difficult using services such as SkyScanner, and if you would like someone to find the best flight options for you, contact