Dia De Los Muertos
in the Mountains of Mexico
October 27th-November 4th

 A view from the hills surrounding San Miguel de Allende.

A view from the hills surrounding San Miguel de Allende.

Mexico City, DF

Flying into Mexico City on October 27th, we will settle into La Condesa neighborhood, and find our footing within one of the most cosmopolitan cities in North America. Visits to the Pyramid of the Sun/Moon & Museum of Mexican Anthroplogy; dining in the 11th Best Restaurant in the world: Quintonil (and others); Mezacl Tasting with Erick Rodriguez of AlmaMezcalera... Click here for the itinerary and cost of this trip!

San Miguel de Allende

Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, this incredible city of secrets will be our host for the Day of Dead festivities celebrated across the country. Dining in fantastic restaurants, experiencing the vast artwork the city is known for, and participating in La Calaca, a festival for the dead, we will be re-born into the wonder of this world with incredible inspirations from our nearest neighbor to the south.


Day of the Dead Mexico Culinary Tour: FULL ITINERARY

Saturday, October 27th


This Saturday is arrival day.

Both the customs wait and the ride from the Airport to our accommodations ware unpredictable, the goal is to slowly acclimate to our new environment, find ourselves to our AirBnB or Hotel, clean up from Travel, and begin to explore our surroundings.
No meals are included in this day, nor particular places scheduled, so the group can make the decision to find a spot, split up and roam, or whatever seems restful and nourishing in advance of our adventure!

Sunday, October 28th

Pyramid of the Sun.jpg

Breakfast Orientation CDMX: Print outs, Über explanation
Mexico City has so much to offer! On this First BEautiful Monday, we will first orient into how Uber works in the city, a map of what we can find in the city.
After breakfast, we will be making our way to the Musuem of Anthropology for a mind-bending lesson in Ancient Mexican history!

We will then find our way to Erick Rodriguez’s Mezcal Traditional Tasting Room, and have the option to purchase Mezcal to fuel the rest of our journey. (If you would like to purchase many Mezcals to take back with you, please look into the laws of your state: California, for example, limits bringing mezcal by plane to *only 60 liters per person per month. In other words, all but unlimited! A small hard-shell suitcase can fit about 10 bottles of mezcal wrapped in clothes.)
Admission to the Museum and all transportation is included in this day, Breakfast is optional at our Airbnb for a modest price, lunch is not included on this day.

Monday, October 29th


Our day begins early, with us meeting up with our tour guides to visit the Pyramid of the Sun, and play a a little scavenger hunt game to learn all about these ancient and amazing monuments.  We will return in the afternoon, and get ourselves ready for our first covered excellent dinner in CDMX at the most incredible Rosetta Restaurant!
Breakfast and all transportation/admissions are included, lunch is provided by our tour to the pyramids, and our first orientation dinner at Rosetta IS included, with the exception of alcohol, which is up to each person to imbibe or not.

Tuesday, October 30th


We will start our day with a breakfast, and again purchase foods to take with us for Lunch for the bus ride to San Miguel, and then work our way in as orderly a fashion as we can to the chaos of the Terminal Norte for our travel to San Miguel de Allende.  The trip is about 5 hours from start to finish, and the earlier we leave, the happier we will be when we arrive.  San Miguel will be on fire for the holiday.
We will settle into our fantastic AirBnb, and then begin to explore San Miguel before the festivities of the Day of the Dead sweep us away for the rest of the week.

On this night, we will join my friend Manny Iniguez at his modest and surprising restaurant Nicasio Comidor for a special tasting menu.
La Calaca Festival will be just getting started at this time, and there will be a number of activities to plan for in the coming days, during both the day and the night, around this small city (that will not sleep until 4:00am).  Rooftop bars, kids in costume trick-or-treating, and celebration will abound!

All transportation, accommodations, and dinner, without alcohol, are included on this day.

Wednesday October 31st: halloween


San Miguel de Allende is a magical city and having everything planned out for us in advance would be a waste of the special and contagious place that is San Miguel. Not only that, but the festivities of Dia de los Muertos range from special dinners to costumes, to parades and so much more.

On this first full day in San Miguel, we will orient ourselves in the city, and start to explore on our own, if we want, or as a group.  This is one of the most photogenic cities I have ever been in, and if shopping is something you are interested in experiencing, well, this is the place!  At 20:1, the Mexican peso prices can easily be converted, and there will be so many beautiful options to explore! English is widely spoken as well, s no worries about getting your questions answered.

Halloween, the Hallowed Evening before Die de los Muertos, is also widely celebrated, and the children of San Miguel are treated to a night of candy and trick-or-treating among the local businesses of the main square.

In addition, the restaurants of San Miguel are all amazingly delicious, and we will dine together at one of the many in awe of this ancient city in which we find ourselves tonight. There is an option today as well to find our way to neighboring Guanajuato, the namesake of the state of Guanajuato, which I have never explored, and I am told is also a fantastically magical town as well.

Our AirBnb offers breakfast as part of our stay, and we will be taken well care of by the staff. In the case of any transportation needs for this day, they will be covered or re-imbursed, including to Guanajuato if we choose to go. All other meals and alcohol are up to the participants to purchase, and as a group we can have a cooking lesson in our Airbnb if we choose. There are some options to explore once we find our footing as a group!

Thursday, November 1st: Dia de los muertos


On Dia de los Muertos, we will embark upon an exploration of San Miguel, and participants will be free to roam, shop, explore and gawk in wonder at the wonders of the city, as it prepares for the one of the biggest celebrations in Mexico. You are encouraged to have your face painted, find costumes, and play with young and old alike!
Other than breakfast, meals are not included on this day, and we will find lovely bites at many places around the city, We will have the opportunity to have another cooking lesson in the evening at our AirBnB, (perhaps a nap), and then an exploration of the main square for the festivities, leading into the La Calaca Festival events in the later night… TBD.

Friday, November 2nd


FRIDAY November 2nd
There is a good chance that some of us will want to stay up quite late for the celebrations, and you will be on you own in the morning and afternoon to explore and play. There are a number of exciting things to explore in and around San Miguel, and you will be provided with must-see attractions, of which you will have to choose, because there is just so much to explore…
The final included dinner for this trip will be at Jacinto 1930 in the heart of San Miguel, a restaurant first created by Matteo Salas, and in the hands now of very talented Chef Isreal. This dinner, WITH alcohol pairings, is included in this trip.  This was one of the most fantastic meals I have ever eaten, and we will use the inspiration to fuel our play with the dead (and living) for the rest of the night!

Our Airbnb Breakfast and this final Dinner are included for this day, as we start to wrap up our experiences, and discuss our adventures and what we have taken away from this exploration together. It is highly recommended that for lunch we go as a group to Jardin Rama, our favorite place to find incredible Mexican food and wonderful atmosphere near to the shopping and to the College of Art, where the Dia de los Muertos Parade embarks from on the previous day.

Saturday, November 3rd


We must leave San Miguel, though I and many of you will try to figure out how we can stay forever in this town.  Bus travel will again be about a 5-hour endeavour, as will the trip through CDMX back to our accommodations for the night.  Flight times will be optional depending on preference. We have found it is best to fly from Mexcio City in the very early morning hours, arriving home at the start of the day (on Sunday).
After breakfast, no other meals are included on this day, as the trip is effectively wrapping up, as we get ready to depart. If we need to pick up stored Mezcal, do final shopping, etc. this is the evening to complete the rest of our tasks in the City

Sunday, November 4th

Sigh. All good things must come to a close… and so we must return to our homes, knowing that Mexico is only a short flight away. Adios!





To summarize, this covers all transportation, tours, entry to exhibits, breakfast for four mornings (at the AirBnB in San Miguel) and 4 amazing dinners focusing on local, historical, cultural and incredible foods at the restaurant detailed above, as well as access to people and VIP places that no other tour or personal travel can offer. In addition, we are lucky to be working with Katya Zahara and JourneyJill of Always Travel, who will be helping schedule our activites once in Mexico, and can play point person for accommodations and other such things that may arise.

PLEASE book your own TRAVEL INSURANCE for this trip. While it is unlikely that anything will happen, this is required for all travelers. (Last year when I was meant to fly to Mexico City, the earthquake hit the day before, and I was very thankful that I had insurance!)

The first day we have accommodation in Mexico City is Saturday, October 27th. If you find a way to come earlier and stay on your own, of course you are welcome to do so. Finding flights is not difficult, and if you would like someone to find the best flight options for you, contact request@alwaystravelsf.com.

COST = $2647.00*

*airfare and travel insurance not included


To secure your place on this trip,
a $500 (non-refundable) deposit is required to be paid immediately.


Half of the remaining balance is due on August 15th;
the remaining balance due on September 15th.