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7-Course Mezcal Paired Dinner with Almamezcalera

I met Erick Rodríguez in a very fortuitous manner. It was a chance meeting and chat with a stranger, who told me to find Erick on my first trip to CDMX, and lo, the best Mezcal on the planet was suddenly available to me on each and every visit to Mexico City.

On this, Zachary and The Food Bender's 5th trip to Mexico city in the last two years, we are excited to announce that The Food Bender's Zachary Mazi and Mezcal Tradicional Almamezcalera's Erick Rodriguez are teaming up for a one-of-a-kind Mezcal Pairing Dinner in downtown Mexico City!

It is hard to capture the superhuman qualities of Erick and the mission of Almamezcalera without writing a book: Erick has uncovered so much about the ancestral qualities of Mezcal, including its 3500 year history (the oldest distilled spirit on the planet!), 50 year old agave plants used for making mezcal (that's two generations!!)

Not only will you learn about Mezcal and it's production, but you will be learning to taste, experience and fully appreciate the vastness of this "Spirit." And there are few more qualified to speak about the ancestral history of mezcal than Erick Rodriguez.

Paired with these delicious distillations, of course, will be Chef Zachary's interpretations of Mexican cuisine and on full display with his dishes as they have been influenced by his travels around Mexico.

Our menu so far:

Beef carpaccio. granny smith apples. salsa serrano. escamoles. hoja santa.

Roasted cauliflower. salsa macha. pecans. edible flowers.

Papas bravas Mexicanas. mole verde. crema. guaje. chapulines.

Esquite spoons. chipotle aioli. cilantro. spiced heriloom popcorn. tortilla ash

Tinga pork belly tacos. chicharones. microgreens. huitlecoche “bacon”.

Blackened nopales & scallions. balsamic. garlic. EVOO. coffee. frisee.

Candy Cap rice pudding. canela. caramel.

The price for this dinner is MX$1500,00. Seating is limited so make sure you contact Zachary Mazi or Erick Rodríguez ASAP to reserve your seat today!

Stay tuned for more details!

*Not able to join us for this excursion? Know someone in Mexico City? Share this with them and lets connect the community!