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Food Is Medicine

Not only what we eat, but how we eat, who we are when we eat, & how the food is prepared are intrinsic not only to our enjoyment of the experience, but to our health and well-being. Even a piece of chocolate cake can be medicine when eaten with friends in a celebratory mood!

Have knives, will travel

Chef Zachary of The Food Bender is available anywhere you are: Let us explore the regional cuisines of your vacation or retreat location and dive into the local culture and lore of food.

Progressive dining

All events have a pulse, and movement all their own, separate even from the content of the workshop or the knowledge of the organizers. As the attendees come together and often meet for the first time, there then proceeds a slow deepening of purpose and trust. Providing the food for such events, Chef Zachary reflects the depth to which participants have transcended to mirror the food with these experiences.  The results speak for themselves.

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